Inner Circle for the Easily Distracted

A unique membership for ADHD {and ADHD-ish} women who live in Distraction City, with shiny object syndrome, and live life with other tendencies that keep us from doing our best work.

You want a sustainable life. A work/home/school/family stability that WORKS, functions on good habits, systems, and approaches that set us up for immeasurable success both personally and professionally.

You're brave. You're impulsive. 

You overthink. You underthink. 

You are so organized, you can't get out of your own way, OR you can't find your coffee. You go too fast and rush in. You go too slow and miss your chances. 

This is you, and you are who I'm helping.

8 Modules

Welcome and start here!

Welcome Bestie!! 

If you love checking something off, this module couldn't be easier! Check out a welcome video and get more information about co-working (what we think makes the Inner Circle even more amazing!) and info about additional benefits.

Monthly Training Recordings

Monthly Trainings. 

Discernment and Vision

Step 2: Discerning what is really important to you and creating that vision.

Q3 Goal Planning Workshop 2023

Modules for this product 8
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